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Last month, a new interior design shop opened in my hometown of Ghent: Huiszwaluw HomeIt’s the second shop of Scandinavian design lover Dicky van de Velde. Her first shop, Huiszwaluw, is already well known for Scandinavian style accessories, tableware, posters, cushions and so on. 

Dicky really wanted to add furniture pieces to the collection. Because the existing Huiszwaluw store was just too small, she went looking for a second place. She fell in love with a beautiful three story house in the city centre: Huiszwaluw Home was born!

Huiszwaluw Home chair and vases -

Huiszwaluw Home lamp -

Huiszwaluw Home bathroom -

The shop offers a broad range of furniture with a Scandinavian feel. Every room has its own look and feel.

Dicky wanted to introduce some lesser known brands to the Belgian public, to differentiate the shop from other Scandinavian design stores. You’ll find brands like Woud, NORR11 and Menu, but also Belgian and Dutch brands like Atelier Belge, M.oss and Klaer.

Huiszwaluw Home desk - www.winterandjuneblog.comHuiszwaluw Home rack -

Dicky of course loves everything in the shop, but if she would have to choose a favorite, it would be Ercol’s love seat, or maybe the stick system by Menu.

Huiszwaluw Home stick system Menu -

Opening the second shop was a smart move. Now you can find absolutely everything for your home in both stores. For all your furniture needs, go to Huiszwaluw Home. To accessorize, the first Huiszwaluw shop is still there to seduce you with its beautiful products.

Huiszwaluw Home side tables -

Huiszwaluw Home puppets -

And that’s not all. Huiszwaluw Home collaborates with flower shop Bluet, also located in Ghent. So you can find a variety of plants in the shop too!

Huiszwaluw Home Plant -


A must visit on your next trip to Ghent!

Huiszwaluw Home, Onderbergen 51, Gent


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