Pomax SS14

Last summer I found these colourful little bowls in the South of France. I was really happy with them. Little did I know that they were actually from a Belgian brand named Pomax. I could have saved myself the trip ;-). Since then I started following the brand and fell more and more in love with their products. Their goal customers are women between the ages of 25 and 65, with the desire to add a little personality to their homes, so I fall right into that demographic!

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Roomblush, the sequel

Last year, I blogged about the new Belgian brand ‘Roomblush‘ (click here to see the blog post). A lot has happened in the past year! Designer Eline Rousseau has added lampshades, pillow cases, serving trays and posters to her collection of beautiful wallpapers. All products have the same distinctive style and colour palette, so they all mix and match. I especially love the lamp shades end serving trays!

Roomblush trays

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Alternative Christmas trees

Next weekend, I’m putting up my Christmas tree! In Belgium it’s kind of an unwritten rule that you don’t put up your tree until after ‘Sinterklaas’, a holiday that is celebrated in Belgium and The Netherlands on December 6th. A lot of people break that rule though :). As every year, I’m going for a traditional Christmas tree (a real one of course), but if you’re sick of hoovering needles, dragging a heavy tree around or just feel like doing something different, these alternative Christmas trees might be a good idea for you!

alternative christmas tree 10

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Cosy winter cabin in Norway

It’s official! Winter is here! As I’m writing this the first snow is falling down. Luckily, I’m cuddled up under a blanket with a hot cocoa. Nice, but unfortunately not as cosy as this winter cabin in the ski resort of Kvitfjell in Norway.

It was built in 2006 by Hanne Borge-Yngland and her husband Per. They wanted a cabin that was as open as possible, with traditional features as well as some industrial elements. They found a lot of the decorations on flea markets and Hanne’s own store bolina.no. The kitchen and living room are located upstairs, to have the best view and to benefit from the rising heat. The bedrooms are downstairs, where it’s a little cooler. To me, this cabin is just perfect for a getaway in the snow!

winter cabin Norway 1

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East meets North: Ikea made in China

Scandinavian design meets Chinese culture in the new Trendig fall collection from Ikea. Swedisch and Chinese designers and craftsmen worked together and created a collection with traditional Chinese shapes, patterns and colours – like red and green – and the natural blonde woods and clean lines of Scandinavian furniture. Amongst other things, there’s a chopping board and stools made out of bamboo, a rice-paper light shade and ceramic tableware with oriental patterns. It’s a bit different than what we’re used to from Ikea. I especially like the serving bowls and linen towels. To see the full collection, click here. It’s a special limited collection though, so it’s probably not a good idea to put it on your Christmas list!


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