Inspiring workspaces

I truly believe that it is impossible to do your best work if you have to do it in a hideous environment. My home office needs to be clean and organized before I can get any work done. I also like to see how other people work, especially creative minds like architects, graphic designers, artists and so on. The work spaces below are all very different, but have a few things in common: they are light, spacious and aren’t overtaken by clutter. Just the way I like it. minimal mid-century office

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Belgian designer Eline Rousseau has recently launched her label “Roomblush“. She created a timeless but contemporary wallpaper collection, clearly showing her passion for colours and prints. Wallpapers have made a huge comeback the last few years. More and more people use them again to highlight a wall, or to decorate an entire room. Eline is obviously keeping up with the trends! Continue reading

Picnic time

picnic 4


As the temperatures are finally rising (in Belgium anyway), the time has come for some typical spring/summer activities. One of the most relaxing things to do on a sunny day is having a delicious picnic with some friends, preferably in a nice park or garden. All you need is a picnic basket filled with yummy foods and drinks and of course, a picnic blanket. Continue reading

IKEA Stockholm collection

The new IKEA Stockholm collection is finally here! The IKEA designers created a timeless collection, which is meant to last for a few generations. The high quality materials, like walnut wood and full grain leather, only become more beautiful with age. The collection has a cool, retro feel and the walnut brown items go very well with the greens of spring. Continue reading